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The Great Betrayal of 2012 – Courtesy of Larry Edelson

The Great Betrayal of 2012


What you must do immediately 
to protect yourself and prosper.

The investments that are designed to soar
185% … 200% … 257% … up to 365%
as Washington and Beijing gut the U.S. dollar.


Hello, this is Larry Edelson, reporting from Shanghai, China.

I have to be careful; if the authorities even suspected that I’m going to reveal certain facts in this presentation, there would be hell to pay. I could be arrested and deported or worse, have to do serious prison time.

I am only willing to take that risk because what I’m about to say is absolutely essential to your survival — to your financialsurvival.

Wise men have predicted the developments I’m talking about for centuries. Two hundred years ago, Napoleon warned, “When China wakes, it will shake the world.”

Truer words were never spoken.

China has awakened. And now, it’s about to shake the world to its foundations — starting with the United States.

This is the Shanghai World Financial Center.

It’s the tallest skyscraper in China — 101 floors. It took 11 years to complete.

It houses the Shanghai Futures Exchange and Stock Exchange. It is also home to China’s largest banks, insurance companies and its financial ratings agencies.

But this is much more than just an office building.

It is also ground zero for the single greatest economic triumph in China’s history.

But for Americans, it’s about to become an icon; the symbol of the most catastrophic event in our nation’s financial history …

An event that will render everything you think you know about our government, about our economy and about investing obsolete.

I’ve created this special presentation to give you the uncensored facts — facts that the U.S. media won’t report — and to help you prepare while there’s still time.

Plus, if you take the steps I recommend, you could make quite a bit of money in the process.

Once again, this is Larry Edelson.

You may have seen me in Forbes, or on BloombergCBS MarketwatchCNBC or another major financial program or publication.

Or perhaps you’ve seen my forecasts and recommendations on the Money and Marketswebsite or in my own e-zine, Uncommon Wisdom.

In my 33 years in finance, I have managed several large investment funds and founded my own brokerage and money management firm with offices in New York, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Vienna and Osaka, Japan.

I live here in Asia. My home is a short flight from Shanghai. I also work here; I use a lot of what I learn about China and the rest of Asia to help thousands of people all over the world make better financial decisions.

Plus, as a financial guide for hundreds of thousands of private investors, I’ve become well known for accurately warning them of major turns in the markets well in advance.

I accurately warned my readers of the stock market crash of 1987 and the rally that followed …

The bursting of the tech stock bubble in 2000 that cost U.S. investors an estimated $6.5 trillion in losses …

And the 2007 collapse in U.S. stocks that drove the S&P 500 56% lower.

I also nailed the bottom of gold prices at $255 in 1999 and the bull market that has taken the yellow metal to well over $1,800 per ounce so far …

In June of 2004, I warned that the price of oil would start a rocket ride higher, from $38 to well over $100 a barrel, and a gallon of gas to near $4.

Now I have a truly shocking forecast for you — it is by far, the most alarming warning I have ever issued.

It is so disturbing, in fact, that most people who read this report will simply refuse to believe it. But I must warn you: Ignoring this warning will have consequences — and those consequences will be catastrophic for millions of Americans.

On the other hand, every crisis creates great opportunities — and this one is no exception.

Because in terms of its sheer power to create wealth, the event I’m talking about DWARFS the industrial revolution that created hundreds of millionaires at the beginning of the 20th Century …

It towers miles above the computer, internet and technology revolutions that createdthousands of millionaires — and hundreds of billionaires — in the 1990s …

It’s already creating the greatest explosion of wealth in the history of mankind.

At its core, though, the story I’m about to tell you is one of betrayal: The cruelest, most callous financial treachery in our nation’s 236-year history.

It’s a story that’s so shocking, nobody in the U.S. media has dared report it:

I have uncovered compelling evidence that the Chinese government is conspiring with Washington, D.C. to impoverish you and sentence your children and your grandchildren to lives of financial servitude.

Now please don’t misunderstand: I’m not a political man and this is NOT a political presentation. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans or who should win the U.S. elections in November.

I am a financial and investment analyst. And as such, my ONLY allegiance is to my family and to the individual investors I help.

I created this presentation for one, simple reason: To give you the truth you need to protect your home, your savings, your investments and your retirement from the single greatest economic crisis in our nation’s history …

In this presentation, I will show you exactly why Beijing and Washington are working together to bankrupt you.

I will show you how to protect yourself and your family from their scheme to destroy your wealth.

And, I will tell you about the four kinds of investments I believe will double your money, then double it yet again in 2012 and beyond.

Because in finance as in life, the best defense is a strong offense.

Everybody knows that China is on the move. Even despite the recent global slowdown — and despite what the naysayers may try to tell you — China’s economy is still growing more than seven times faster than America’s is.

But what most Americans do NOT know — what our media steadfastly refuses to admit — is that China is already so rich, it can now DICTATE economic policy to the world; even to the United States of America.

I know — it’s hard to believe. Especially since many have been saying that China’s economic explosion is over.

But consider the shocking report that Yahoo Finance recently posted. I quote:

“The International Monetary Fund has just dropped a bombshell, and nobody noticed.

“For the first time, the international organization has set a date for the moment when the ‘Age of America’ will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China.”

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), by 2016, the United States will no longer be the world’s number one economic power.

According to the IMF, China will be richer than America in less than five years.

But according to the prestigious Peterson Institute — and based on data just published by the University of Pennsylvania — the IMF is wrong: The Chinese economy will NOT surpass America’s by 2016.

Nor will it happen in 2017 or even in 2020, for that matter.

Peterson and the University of Pennsylvania say China is ALREADY the world’s #1 economicpower.

And the thing is, they proved it.

These two highly respected institutions just presented irrefutable proof that in real terms — when you adjust for the domestic purchasing power of respective currencies …

The U.S. economy produced goods and services valued at $14.6 trillion in 2010 …

But China’s Gross Domestic Product soared to $14.8 trillion.

China’s economy is already larger than America’s.

And what’s worse, the United States is falling farther behind every day:

According to the official figures from both Washington and Beijing, the U.S. economy grew about 1.7% in 2011.

China’s economy grew 9.2%.

That’s more than SEVEN AND ONE-HALF TIMES FASTER; fast enough to nearly DOUBLE the size of China’s already-massive economy once each decade.

And if you get to know a little more about both nations, China’s burgeoning economic power becomes even more unsettling. Because the fact is, Beijing has become so powerful, it can now dictate economic policy to the U.S.

>> The Beijing government has almost no debt …

>> But Washington has nearly $145 trillion in debt and obligations.

** China has $3.2 trillion in cash — and its cash reserves are growing ever larger, month after month …

** But Washington has almost no cash on hand and has to borrow nearly half of every dollar it spends — much of it is borrowed from China.

>> China’s total tax revenues are up nearly 30% from a year ago …

>> But Washington’s tax revenues aredramatically down due to the sluggish U.S. economy.

** The U.S. has about 160 million workers …

** China has 810 million workers — more than 5 times more than the United States.

>> 97% of all Chinese workers are employed …

>> But 14 million U.S. workers are either unemployed or underemployed.

** In China’s urban areas, wages ROSE 7.6% in 2011 — and the increase was about double that in rural areas.

** Meanwhile, inflation-adjusted wages for U.S. workers dropped 1.7%.

The investment facts are even more startling:

 Securities valued at more than $6 trillion trade on Chinese exchanges every day and that number is growing by leaps and bounds.

 China enjoys the largest foreign capital inflows of any nation on Earth, surpassing the United States as the world’s favorite place to invest.

 China is now the world’s #1 mine operator … its #1 car maker … its #1 manufacturer … its #1 exporter.

You really have to see China to believe what’s happening here.

I used to think New York and Beverly Hills were the world’s pinnacle for high-end shopping …

But here in Shanghai, the Nanjing Road shopping district puts them to shame. So does the New Shanghai Shopping City here in the Pudong financial district …

And these are only two of EIGHT massive, world-class, state-of-the-art shopping districts in this one city alone!

I once believed that Las Vegas topped the world when it came to luxury hotels and entertainment …

But even Vegas’ biggest and best can’t hold a candle to the world’s largest hotels and casinos in Macau.

I thought that Palm Beach’s mansions and posh housing communities were the ultimate …

But they pale in comparison to the massive luxury housing developments and neighborhoods filled with extravagant Western-style mansions here.

Any way you look at it, China is already the nation on the way UP. While sadly, the U.S. is the nation on the way OUT.

I just read a study by The Program for International Student Assessment that ranked Chinese students #1 in the world. American students were ranked fourteenth.

China’s Tianhe-1A super computer is the fastest in the world, capable of processing more than 2.5 thousand trillion calculations per second.

American technicians don’t even know how that kind of speed could be possible.

And while the U.S. is winding down its space program, China is preparing to put a man on the moon!

And when you look at China’s military, the contrast between the two nations gets downright scary:

China has THE LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD — 2.2 million active-duty military personnel — 600,000 more than America has.

And while the U.S. is cutting its military expenditures, China has increased military spending every year for more than 20 years … and is still boosting it by an average of 11.8% per year.

China’s military is state-of-the-art: It just unveiled the J-20 — its first stealth fighter.

It also has spy satellites, modern battle tanks, aircraft carriers, nuclear attack submarines, cruise missiles, and more.

China’s nuclear arsenal is especially worrying: While the U.S. has been steadily reducing its stockpiles for nearly 30 years, China continues to build up its forces and is refusing to even begin talks on nuclear arms reduction.

In the size of its economy and economic growth … in science … in technology … in the scholarship of its students … in the growth of its military … in every conceivable area, China is ALREADY the world’s most dominant nation.

More importantly: Because of China’s newfound status as the world’s #1 super power, it is now ready, willing and able to DICTATE economic policy to the rest of the world … and that includes America.

And of course, there’s another reason why China is now in a position to dictate economic policy to the United States of America:

Nearly 50% of every dollar Washington spends today is borrowed money — much of it borrowed from China.

Without the billions Beijing loans Washington, the entire U.S. government would go bust. Washington would become a virtual ghost town. Millions of Americans who count on government checks would be financially destroyed.

So you see, the entire world — including the United States — must bow to China’s superior economic power — the greatest the world has ever seen.

And at a recent economic conference, we were treated to images of our own president doing just that.

Nobody who watched that humiliating display on television had any doubt which man has the greater power; which man is in control.

And make no mistake: the Chinese know they’re in the driver’s seat. People’s Liberation Army Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu recently said, “To save itself, to save the world, China must prepare to become the world’s helmsman.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how painful it is for me to have to tell you any of this.

Even though I live and work in Asia, I will remain an American citizen to my final breath. My mom, my sister, my brother and my three grown kids all live in the States. I want nothing but the best of everything for them and for my country.

But if my three decades as a financial analyst have taught me anything, it’s that terrible things happen when we ignore reality.

And take it from me: There WILL be terrible consequences for those who fail to act on the investment intelligence in this presentation.

But once you grasp the reality that Beijing is now in charge, you’ll find it’s quite easy to insulate yourself — and even to make a substantial sum in the process.

Because now, I have compelling evidence that China is not satisfied to merely surpass the U.S. economy; it has already begun a campaign to DOMINATE the U.S. economy.

The shocking part is that our own leaders in Washington, D.C. have become Beijing’s willing accomplices.

I know this is an outrageous assertion — but I’m about to prove it; so please hear me out …

Because China has already begun to wage war against the dominance and value of the U.S. dollar …

With the help of our leaders in Washington, D.C.!

I’ll explain:

For decades now, the U.S. dollar has been the world’s currency of choice. Most of the world’s central banks hold their reserves in U.S. dollars. Most international transactions have been settled in U.S. dollars.

That means there is always a high demand for dollars around the world — and as a result of that demand, the greenback has held its value more effectively than many other currencies have.

But since 2009, President Obama has spent more than $10.6 trillion, and run up trillion-dollar deficits year after year.

To fund Washington’s spending addiction, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has borrowed an estimated $4 trillion since 2009. And, Ben Bernanke — the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve — has created nearly $8 trillion out of thin air since 2009.

As a result, the value and the buying power of the dollar have already begun to plunge:

*Gasoline prices have shot the moon — you’re paying over 25% more than you paid just 24 months ago!

*The price for heating oil rocketed 29% in a recent 12-month period, sending home heating bills up more than 50% per month!

*Milk and cheese prices are up 18% and 15% respectively … the price of beef and veal used in restaurants is up 17% … coffee prices are up more than 20% … and egg prices have soared nearly 30%!

* And everywhere you look, you see “sticker shock” on health insurance … medicine and medical care … college tuition … airline tickets … and more.

As a result of this precipitous decline in the dollar’s buying power …

France, India and many other countries …

The U.N., the IMF and other international organizations …

Are ALL calling for the end of the dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.

And even the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party says — and again, I quote:

The world urgently needs to create a diversified currency and financial system and fair and just financial order that is not dependent on the United States.”

In fact, the U.S. dollar is already being abandoned by many countries and companies in favor of the Chinese currency — the yuan:

> Investors can now buy yuan-denominated bonds in Hong Kong.

> Caterpillar and McDonald’s recently financed their mainland China projects directly via yuan bond offerings instead of U.S. dollars.

> And China’s trade with Russia, Vietnam and Thailand is now being settled in yuan instead of U.S. dollars.

> Apple Computer is even accepting iTunes payments in yuan!

Now, China believes it’s time to make the supremacy of its currency — the yuan — OFFICIAL — by gutting the U.S. dollar. And our own leaders — President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner and Fed chief Bernanke — are obediently helping Beijingdo just that!

Hard to believe? Especially in an election year? I agree! But remember: President Obama saw what a weaker dollar did for U.S. stocks in 2009: It gave birth to huge rallies! Having the stock market explode higher just before the elections would be a godsend for any incumbent president!

Look: You’ve seen the news reports of Obama, Geithner and Bernanke complaining about China’s currency. Those complaints are only growing louder now — even in this election year!

The administration claims the “weak yuan” gives China an unfair trading advantage. It makes China’s products cheaper than ours on world markets.

So they’re demanding that China increase the yuan’s value in order to level the playing field for American exporters.

But anybody with even shred of common sense can instantly see the Obama administration’s claims are pure baloney.

Look: The average U.S. worker earns nearly 6.5 TIMES MORE than his or her Chinese counterpart.

Those sky-high labor costs are cooked into every product produced in America — and that’s what makes American products far more expensive than similar Chinese-made products.

So even if Beijing DOUBLED or TRIPLED the value of the yuan, Chinese products would still sell for far less than U.S.-made products do: Boosting the yuan’s value would do little if anything to help U.S. exporters!

So why does Washington really want to jack up the value of the Chinese yuan? What’sthe truth that Washington won’t tell you?

By RAISING the value of the Chinese yuan, Washington and China will automatically CRUSH the value of the U.S. dollar …

So Washington can repay its otherwise unpayable debts with cheaper dollars!

Look: The “official” U.S. national debt is now over $15 trillion — nearly three times more than the most indebted nations in Europe … COMBINED!

But when you add in the debts Washington owes to veterans, seniors and government pensioners, the total amount is nearly ten times more: A staggering $145 trillion.

That’s nearly TEN TIMES the total value of the goods and services the U.S. economy produces …

That’s far more debt than Washington can ever hope to pay.

In fact, Washington’s only hope of avoiding default is to destroy the value of its own currency, then pay its debts back with dollars that are only a shadow of their former selves.

Plus, with a weak dollar and strong Chinese yuan, China can buy up even more of our debt and protect the massive investment it has already made in America by helping Washington avoid default.

That’s a massive “win-win” for both Washington and Beijing:

Plus, a rising yuan will once and for all solve Beijing’s #1 economic problem: Rising domestic inflation. As the yuan’s buying power rises, price inflation in China will decline dramatically.

More importantly, as the yuan’s purchasing power explodes, China will also be able to lock up even more of the world’s supply of oil, coal, steel, copper, lumber and other natural resources … to take control of thousands more companies … and to extend its economic control throughout the world.

But why lie about their intentions?

Because if they told the truth, there would be hell to pay.

Just imagine how voters would react if the president stepped before the microphones and said …

“My fellow Americans, we politicians have spent too much money and now, we can’t pay our debts.

“The only way to avoid default is to destroy the value of your money and then repay our debt with cheaper dollars.

“Of course, that means your cost of living will double and double again and most of you will be reduced to poverty …”

See what I mean? Telling the truth would be tantamount to political suicide.

Any way you look at it, this is treachery of the highest order: The U.S. dollar — and YOUR income, savings, investments and retirement — is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

And while the insult to our national pride and patriotism will be painful, the personal toll will be excruciating.

The dollar’s demise will be catastrophic for everyone who earns, saves or invests dollars. The price you pay for food, electricity, gasoline and just about everything else will skyrocket.

Many Americans — particularly those on fixed incomes — will have to choose between buying medicine, paying the rent, or buying food.

Homelessness, hunger and hopelessness will be the everyday reality for millions of Americans.

Some will rightfully blame Washington for their misery. Others will blame Wall Street. Mass demonstrations and hunger marches will dominate the headlines.

Cities will burn.

When the dust settles, the United States will be little more than just another name on the long list of once-proud countries that squandered their wealth … that were ultimately driven to their knees and forced to submit to the nations that took their places.

Now as I said earlier, I’m well aware that the vast majority of everyday Americans who read this presentation will simply ignore these facts.

I understand; most people are in denial. The U.S. has been number one their entire lives. They’ve always assumed that would never change.

They can’t accept the fact that we are no longer king of the hill.

I don’t take their skepticism personally. I know their eyes also glaze over when President Sarkozy of France announces that — quote: “We must rethink the financial system from scratch …” and that it’s time to “change the rules of the game.”

They simply change channels when CNN features former British Prime Minister Brown touting “a new global financial order,” describing this as a “decisive moment” for the world.

And they choose not to even listen to Henry Kissinger — the man whose historic visits opened U.S. relations with China 41 years ago in 1971 — when he says we must accept a new global hierarchy with China in a dominant role.

Nevertheless, most people who read this presentation will probably think I’ve gone off the deep end.

But if anything I say to you today helps you protect and grow your wealth through this chaotic time, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

After all; most folks were extremely skeptical when I warned that the bubble in internet and technology stocks would burst in 2000 …

Just before the tech wreck wiped out $6.5 trillion of invested wealth …

Almost nobody listened when I urged investors to buy gold for just $255 per ounce — before it soared to over $1,800 …

Or when I predicted in June 2004, that oil would soar from $35 a barrel to well over $100 — which it did.

Or when I warned in 2007 of the stock market collapse that crushed stocks a whopping 56%.

And frankly, most folks thought I’d lost my mind in early 2009, when I publicly announced that the bear market was over — just before stocks soared over 50%. But each time, investors who heeded my forecasts — and more importantly, acted on them — had the chance to pile up substantial profits.

Now, you have a similar opportunity. Because the way I see it, this is a virtual “can’t-lose” situation for you:

If I’m right about the dramatic events ahead, you stand to make a fortune.

If I’m half-right, you could still make a bundle.

And even if I’m wrong, no promises of course, you could still do very well. After all, these stocks I’m about to tell you about are already soaring.

So what’s the secret to protecting and growing your wealth in this challenging new world?


Own the handful of stocks that are positioned to soar as China rises … as the yuan surges … and as the U.S. dollar plunges!

Take natural resource stocks: Right now, they have not just one, but THREE important reasons to soar …

First, the world simply can’t live without the things these companies produce.

And that steady, high demand for their products is hugely bullish for their stocks.

Second, China’s insatiable hunger for these natural resources virtually guarantees they’ll continue to soar!

Just look at this map. China now controls vast mineral and food resources all around you: In Europe … Africa … the Middle East … South America … Canada … even Australia!

Already, China consumes 41% of the world’s copper … 41% of its nickel … 43% of its steel … 45% of its tin … 46% of its lead … nearly 47% of its zinc … and huge amounts of most other natural resources.

What’s more, China’s enormous craving for resources is growing by the day. And the stock of companies that provide these natural resources stand to make investors richer than Midas.

And third, these natural resources have intrinsic value — so they naturally soar when the dollar sinks. And not only should the stock of companies that produce these natural resources soar as Washington and Beijing cut the value of the U.S. dollar …

They’re ALREADY spinning off impressive profits!

While the average Dow or S&P 500 stock has gone almost nowhere recently …

Nucor up 23.3% …

U.S. Steel up 24.3% …

Silver Wheaton up 26.4% …

Walter Energy up 30% …

Southern Copper up 31.8% …

Uranium One up 32.3% …

Yanzhou Coal up 33.4% …

Alpha Natural Resources up 41% …

Ivanhoe Mines up 49.4% …

Jiangxi Copper up 53.1% …

and Novagold up 73.53%.

All in a single year!

And as Washington and Beijing jack up the value of the yuan and crush the value of the dollar, I believe your gains will be far, FAR greater!

Plus, to help you go for even greater profits with the money you can afford to risk, I recommend inexpensive investment vehicles that offer you unlimited profit potential PLUS strictly limited risk — many that give you up to THREE YEARS for the trade to work out in your favor.

And over the past year, you could have used these muscle-bound vehicles to go for gains of …

  • 185% on China Petroleum …
  • 200% on Yanzhou Coal …
  • 257% on New Gold, and …
  • 369% on CNOOC …

Naturally, neither you nor I can go back and grab those profits. But just think about it. That 369% gain is enough to a turn a $25,000 grubstake into $117,200 and these are just a few of the many examples I could name!

To help you take full advantage of this historic profit opportunity, I’ve just put the finishing touches on my hot-off-the-presses report — The Conspiracy Files: Survive and Prosper— to help you get your family and your wealth through this chaotic time.

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PLUS, I lay out my basic emergency portfolio for you — including …

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I also name 16 more stocks I expect to explode in value as the Chinese yuan soars and the dollar dives:

  • My 5 favorite food and water stocks …
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Nevertheless, as I said earlier, this is a “no-risk” membership. You must be thrilled withReal Wealth Report and the investment results I help you achieve or you can cancel anytime for a full refund.

And even if you cancel a year from now — on the last day of your membership, your five free emergency reports and everything else you’ve received in the meantime will be yours to keep with my thanks for giving Real Wealth Report a fair try.

Or, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-604-3649
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

Or just call 1-800-604-3649 (overseas, call 1-561-627-3300).

But once you’ve experienced Real Wealth Report for yourself, I sincerely doubt you’ll ever want to invest without it. After all — Marc S. of Columbus, Ohio says …

“Thanks to you, I’ve about doubled my investments.”

And Randy O. of Irving, Texas is thrilled with the profits he’s earning thanks to Real Wealth Report:

“I began subscribing to Real Wealth Report before gold was at $300 an ounce, so you know my portfolio is up several hundred percent.”

Annette J. of Clinchfield, Georgia says we’ve impressed her:

“For the first time I have real gains of 30-60%, even in the down markets. I follow your advice closely and try to invest as you call it.”

You’ll have to act quickly, though; the Obama administration and Beijing are getting closer to crushing the dollar with every passing day.

So if you’ll just click the button below in the next five minutes, I’ll make sure you receive a sixth report — SWING FOR THE FENCES — absolutely free.

Every once-in-a-while, when you see an investment trend you believe is both inevitable and will be with us for a while — many investors get the itch to swing for the fences with highly leveraged investment vehicles like options.

Options are cheap — purchasing one option allows you to control 100 shares of the underlying security for a fraction of what it would cost you to actually buy the stock.

Plus, while the purchase of options offers you unlimited profit potential — there’s virtually no limit to how far or how fast the option can rise — you can never lose a penny more than you invest.

In Swing for the Fences, I give you the basics you need to begin taking advantage of this power-packed investment vehicle — including …

  • What options are and how they multiply your profit potential …
  • The best options for profiting from surging natural resources …
  • Important terms you must know before trading options …
  • Simple options trading strategies that boost your profit potential while further limiting your risk …
  • And much more!

Best of all, Swing for the Fences is yours, free, just for joining me in Real Wealth Reportnow.

Please remember: Even if I’m 100% wrong about Beijing’s intentions, you could probably do quite well — after all: These stocks I’m about to tell you about are already soaring.

If I’m only half right and the dollar is only partially devalued, you could do even better; I see these investments doubling and more.

But if I’m as right about this as I have been about gold, oil, and food over the past ten years, you stand to multiply your money many times over.

The best news in this entire presentation is that you still have some time left to prepare before Washington and Beijing gut the value of your dollars.

But there isn’t much time left. The announcement could come almost any day now — and when it does, it will be too late to protect yourself.

Time is wasting: Click the button below to save $149 on a full year of Real Wealth Report and you’ll be reading your six free reports in seconds.

Or, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-604-3649
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)

Thank you very much for spending this time with me today. I look forward to welcoming you aboard and helping you get your family through this in safety and comfort.

Best wishes,

Larry Edelson
Editor, Real Wealth Report

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